Gantian Space Program: Mopping Up Minmus

The Minmus Explorer I

Since the program is getting into the higher technology tree nodes, each science mission needs to bring in a significant amount of Science to really move the program forward. I’ve already sent two biome-hopping missions to Mun utilizing the Aluminium Hybrid Rockets along with an ISRU Refinery to extend the operational life of the ship, but I haven’t yet scoured Minmus outside of a handful of early 1-man landings. Thus, the Minmus Explorer I mission was designed, flown by our usual crew: Ryan French, Robert Herbes, and Randy Pasinski.

Minmus Explorer I landed utilized my tried-and-tested 3.5m launcher and landed at Minmus with two separate modules: a standalone ISRU Refinery for harvesting & processing water ice into liquid fuel, and a dual Poodle-engine powered lander to hop between biomes and gather precious Science. As it turned out, the Poodle engines had more than sufficient delta-V to hit the biomes I needed and get home again without needing to rendezvous for a refuel. Which is fortuitous, since as it turns out my geostationary microwave satellite has burned through it’s supply of UF4 and needs some maintenance.

After an uneventful return to Kerbin and recovery from splashdown, Minmus Explorer I netted the program 2580 Science!

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