Skill Analysis

Doing some poking around with the skill-gain equations, trying to figure out a way to strike a balance between Combat and Non-Combat skills as far as progression speed goes. Here’s the current Challenge Slope for all skills: SkillSlope

This chart is derived from only 5 samples of 0.0-100.0 progression, otherwise I suspect it would look more like the red trend line, but the average number of attempts (against an equal-level challenge; a 50% chance on the attempt) to master a skill is around 2200. This is a reasonable number for combat skills, since they’re used 5-15 times per combat; that’s an average of 280 fights to reach Mastery. However, for non-combat skills, 2200 attempts is a bit high: assuming you had an unlimited number of materials and it took ~3 seconds to click through all the prompts required for the skill action, it would take almost two hours of non-stop clicking to reach Mastery.

I’m therefore looking into a two-tier system where non-combat skills are given a bonus to skill gain chance. Since N.C.S’s are used much less often, I’m hoping to get the average down to around a couple hundred attempts to Mastery for things like crafting or healing.

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